Failed Attempt - Improving Pinch Mode

February 17, 2017 - Admin Tags:

The pinch mode in the Manipulator tool often produces unclean results due to its naive implementation. So I tried to implement it differently, but the result is not any better unfortunately.

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Straightener Tool

January 30, 2017 - Admin Tags: I've been working on a new tool, the Straightener, which I think is important, but will probably be discarded in the future.
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MayaFPS Now Free For Non-commercial Use

September 05, 2016 - Admin MayaFPS

[Edit: MayaFPS is now free for non-commercial use instead of free for all uses].

We are releasing MayaFPS for free for non-commercial use. It's wonderful hearing how useful it has been for many great artists working individually or in some of the greatest studios out there, and we are hoping it will be useful for even more people now.

As an independent developer, any funding can go a long way in boosting the development of the software products we are working on. If you don't need a commercial license, you can still support us by donating on the plug-in's page.

The focus is now on the development of Curver, which has been released as Early Access recently. We're looking forwards to your involvement there too!

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Curver Development: Rounded Corners

April 22, 2016 - Admin Tags: rounded curve corners

Previously I mentioned I was experimenting with rendering stroked curves. The initial naive implementation rendered a textured quad (splash) at each pixel along the curve. Here I discuss a different approach.

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Curver Development: the Transform Tool

March 25, 2016 - Admin Tags:

We've finished implementing a transformation tool to allow the user to move, scale, or rotate curves in Curver. The tool was designed to be simple and intuitive, like everything else in Curver.

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Curver Development: Stroked vs Geometric Curves

February 22, 2016 - Admin Tags:


In an earlier blog post I briefly talked about how curves are rendered in Curver. But I've been experimenting with a different rendering method.

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Curver Development: Hand Tool Redone

February 09, 2016 - Admin Tags:

This post briefly describes an update that has been made on the Hand Tool in Curver.

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Curver Beta Ultra Quick Guide

November 15, 2015 - Admin Tags:

Curver is now in Beta. If you haven't already, come on in and join the beta program - we need your feedback! This ultra quick guide is intended to provide beta testers with the information they need to start testing and using it right away.

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