Notepad++ plug-in to refresh your browser

RefreshBrowser is a plug-in for Notepad++ which refreshes your web browser when you save a document in Notepad++. You no longer have to switch back and forth between Notepad++ and your browser to check your changes. RefreshBrowser connects Notepad++ with your browser to give you a very powerful IDE for web development.


Through the settings window, you can customize the behaviour of RefreshBrowser. Choose which browsers to refresh, when to refresh and when not to refresh, and quickly enable or disable BrowserRefresh through the toolbar button.


Set the delay (in milliseconds) between saving and refreshing the browser. This delay prevents multiple redundant refreshes when saving multiple files (e.g. Save All). It can also be used to give some time for the saved files to be uploaded to a web server when making live changes (through NppFTP for example).

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