What Is MayaFPS

MayaFPS is a plugin for Autodesk® Maya® which allows you to control the perspective camera in Maya using traditional first person shooter controls (WASD for movement, the mouse to look around). This is very useful and saves a lot of time for a lot of scene types, like game levels and architectural walkthroughs for example.

Feels Natural

MayaFPS allows you to engage FPS controls with a click of a mouse button, enhancing your work flow instead of interrupting it. Engaging it feels just as natural as the built-in navigation tools!


You can select which mouse button engages FPS controls (RMB, MMB, X1, X2), keyboard modifiers (alt, ctrl, win, shift), customize movement keys, mouse smoothing, and many more options! see more

Record Animation

Simply engage FPS controls and press 'R' - now MayaFPS records your movements until you disengage FPS controls. Use the result as-is or as a base for a camera fly-through animation for example.

Walk Mode

Ability to lock the camera movement across the horizontal plane to simulate walking instead of flying. Simply toggle CAPSLOCK, it's that simple!


MayaFPS is very low on resource usage. No long loading times or unnecessarily flashy UI to hog your PC resources, just a few kilobytes is all it needs to do its job!

Stay Updated

MayaFPS will check for updates when it is loaded in Maya so you will not miss any important updates.

MayaFPS is used by hundreds of individual artists, as well as:

 Online Documentation

This is the first place to look for answers for questions you may have about MayaFPS and its usage. All of it fits in one html page.

 Discussions & Feature Requests

If you have a feature request or anything to say about MayaFPS, post about it here, or see what others are talking about.

 Bug Reporting

Something is not working as it should? Post about it here, and we'll try to fix it ASAP! Also, view any known issues here.

 Custom Licensing

If you require custom licensing, access to the source code, or have special authentication requirements, let's talk about it. Contact us!

  Windows Only!!!

MayaFPS relies on low-level windows OS calls to hook into Maya, so it will not work except on Windows!

Download MayaFPS


The demo version has the following limitations:

  • Will expire after some time.
  • Camera stops after a while, preventing long FPS navigation in one go.
  • No recording to animation track.



Now completely free!!

but you can support us by donating