Getting Curver

Curver is not complete yet, it is still in active development. The early release allows you to use Curver now and as it evolves, and allows us to collect feedback from the community early on. If you are not excited about using Curver now before it's finished, then you are encouraged to wait for the full release.

Information about the Early Access release is provided below by answering some common questions.

Is Early Access the same as pre-purchasing?

No. The Early Access is a full purchase of a usable program. You gain immediate access to all features of Curver in its current state and as it develops, as well as access to the full release version when it's ready. If for some reason Curver does not reach full release (we have no intention of quitting, but life is unpredictable), your purchase will not be refunded.

Why Early Access?

Curver is all about implementing an efficient and intuitive workflow, and user feedback is essential for this. It helps us add missing features, fix bugs, make tweaks, and implement new ideas. Additionally, Early Access purchases can provide funding, which makes a HUGE difference for an independent developer and helps bring the project to completion faster.

How long will Curver remain in Early Access?

No less than a year. It's hard to tell exactly. While we intend to keep Curver focused on implementing an efficient and intuitive workflow for working with curves, we also intend to bring it to high standards for stability, quality, and completeness in light of the intended use cases. Curver is still early in its development, and the to-do list is lively.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

We expect some changes to be made to the planned features as we receive feedback from the community and as we discover ways to optimize the user experience for the kind of work people will be doing with Curver, but the to-do list in Curver's Workflow, which is updated as development progresses, should provide a general idea of what's going to be in the full version compared to what is currently available.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Some core features are functional, but there are a lot of planned features not yet implemented. There are also bugs, occasional crashes, and room for optimization. We'd say it's still in the alpha state. We intend to update Curver regularly.

Will Curver be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Yes, the Early Access is cheaper.

How are you planning on involving the community in your development process?

We have a dedicated feedback widget and a forum for discussions in addition to e-mail in order to facilitate the process of providing feedback for the user. Feedback will be reviewed regularly, and the task list in Curver's Workflow will be updated to reflect it. Feature requests that would blow Curver out of its intended scope, however, will have to be either scaled down or completely left out.


Download Curver

Same as Early Access but with exporting functionality disabled.

Purchase Early Access

Get the full version for free upon release.


To update Curver, simply download the latest version from the link above. Your settings will usually persist since they are stored outside the application folder. You don't need files from previous versions.