Intuitive 2D sculpting workflow
Curver aims to optimize the process of creating clean line-art by implementing an intuitive sculpting workflow. Featuring a small and focused set of tools, working with curves is no longer a chore.
Natural curve representation
Round-menu tool selector
Minimal user interface
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Stroke correction
Automatic tessellation

Do Things Differently

Instead of lots of trial and error, drawing and undoing, Curver allows you to quickly draw lines and then manipulate them into the desired shape.


Curver aims to become the ultimate tool for working with curves quickly and intuitively, rather than being a full all-purpose graphics application.
Draw Tool
Draw curves, re-draw a section of an existing curve, extend curves, draw straight lines, circles, rectangles, and polygons.
Manipulator Tool
Manipulate curves by pushing, smoothening, changing thickness, and pinching. Operation modes can be switched with keyboard modifiers or the GUI.
Controls Tool
Make broader changes to the shape and thickness of curves using the Controls Tool. Click to add control points to define the area of effect, then drag to make your modifications.
Scissors Tool
Cut and delete curves.
Selection Tool
Select curves, shapes, or parts of a curve (masking).

Spring Keyboard Shortcuts

Spring shortcuts are "press and hold" shortcuts that toggle a state when they are pressed and restore that state when the key is released.
For example, while using any tool, press and hold "S" to temporarily switch to the Selection Tool, change the current selection, the release "S" to continue working with a new selection.

Get Started!

Curver is still in development, but you can get immediate access and get involved right now! Provide feebdack and join discussions to help us evolve Curver into something truly unique and solid.

You can download the free public beta or purchase the Early Access release.

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