Curver Development: Stroked vs Geometric Curves

February 22, 2016 - Admin Tags:


In an earlier blog post I briefly talked about how curves are rendered in Curver. But I've been experimenting with a different rendering method.

In the video, the curve above is rendered normally (using polygons) while the curve below is rendered using a dense list of point sprites. At the end of the video the distance between the points was increased for demonstration.

Stroked curves are better suited for curves which have lots of sharp corners as they look kind of more predictable when the curve shape is more complex. Also, the Draw Tool currently can produce curves with some undesirable sharp corners, especially when used with a tablet, and stroked curves will not show weird extrusions at these points.

But acceptable performance can't be expected with a naive implementation for rendering. Therefore it may be more appropriate to push this feature downwards in the to-do list and instead try to see if something can be done to improve the results of the Draw Tool. But I definitely feel stroked curves may end up being more appropriate for most use cases, and they may end up being the default curve type in Curver. We'll see as the development progresses.