Curver Development: Hand Tool Redone

February 09, 2016 - Admin Tags:

This post briefly describes an update that has been made on the Hand Tool in Curver.

The hand tool in Curver was used to quickly modify a curve that is not suitable for modification with the manipulator tool. The hand tool tried to establish the area of effect based on the curvature of the curve. But using it in practice was not a very pleasant experience.

This video demonstrates how it was before the update. The user had to press and hold CTRL while dragging to change the "tightness" of the tool, which is the change in curvature that is used to determine the area of effect of the tool. Obviously not so intuitive.

Now the user can quickly and actively determine the area of effect and then proceed to manipulate that area, as demonstrated by the video at the top of the post.

On Second Thought...

While I feel it's an improvement, I still feel we're not there yet with the hand tool. Currently I'm thinking that an intuitive masking took would make more sense. The masking tool could use a mechanism similar to the current hand tool to establish masking values. In fact, a proper masking tool alongside the manipulator tool can allow for a powerful yet simple workflow, especially since the masking tool can be invoked using a spring keyboard shortcut.