Adel Amro


Personal Profile

I'm a 33 year old programmer in Palestine. Married not so long ago. I have been programming since my first year in college in 2000. A couple years later I was tutoring college students on C++, landing some freelance work, and expanding my skillset on my own. After graduation I was hired as an accountant and techincal consultant in a local Drug Store & Distributor. I have been working as an independent developer after my day job.

Now I'm seeking a position to utilize and enhance my skills in developing quality software, and experience working with a team of professional developers. I'm particularly enthusiastic about real-time graphics technology, especially game development, and the related software tools that present a pleasing experience to both developers and end users.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Hebron University (2000-2004).
  • Successfully finished one semester in Computer Science master at Jordan University for Science and Technology (J.U.S.T).
  • High school: Al-Sharia High School for Males – Hebron / Palestine.

Key Skills


  • C++
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HLSL
  • SQL
  • HTML / CSS


  • Windows SDK
  • Maya API
  • Direct3D 9
  • Sciter (GUI lib)
  • Wintab


  • MS Office Suite
  • Autodesk Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Photoshop
  • Unreal Engine 4

Projects & Samples


C++, DX9, HLSL, Windows SDK, Sciter

A drawing program that aims to become the fastest and most convenient way to work with line art.


C++, Maya API, Windows SDK

Commercial Maya plug-in that implements first person navigation control in Maya's perspective views. Customers include many high-profile game development studios.


C++, DX9, HLSL, Widnows SDK

ShaderGen is a node-based shader editor. It can be used as an artist-friendly material editor inside other applications (for example, a graphincs engine).

Code-section's Tool Box

A collection of utility C++ code for win32 programming and more. Includes a simple C++ Event System.


A simple C++ library to layout your boxes. Platform- and GUI-library-independent, supports flex units, has an editor, and lightweight.


This web development tool is a Notepad++ plug-in that reloads the browser when saving a document.

Win32 Docking System

C++, Windows SDK

A docking system based on a custom dock host control for win32 applications.

Work Experience

Besides personal projects and developing commercial software independently, I have no relevant work experience. I currently work as an accountant and technical consultant in Khalil Al-Rahman Drug Store.

More About Me

In my free time, if I’m not working on some project, I like browsing the internet for video game development-related technologies and discussions (esp. I have a programming blog. I also like playing video games, learning the Japanese language, and learning level design and Blueprints in UE4. I also like digital drawing and painting, but I almost always end up not liking what I draw, so I delete it :(